Cameron Impact Scholarship

Cameron Impact Scholarship

In numerous professional vocations, there are innumerable methods to have a beneficial influence. The Cameron Impact Scholar is a lifelong student of the greater good who possesses the capacity and the desire to make significant, palpable contributions.

Cameron Impact Scholarship

About 25% of the scholarships will be given by the Foundation to people with public service as their stated career objective who are pursuing jobs in education, non-profits, the government, or the military.

Scholarship Details

  • Candidates who have a strong commitment to public service and are pursuing jobs in education, nonprofits, government, or the military are awarded around 25% of the scholarships.
  • For the academic year that follows high school graduation, the scholarship funds full-time undergraduate education at recognized four-year U.S. schools or universities.
  • Throughout the 4-year program, recipients of the Cameron Impact program will be expected to attend an annual Cameron Impact Scholars Award Ceremony and Summit.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A cumulative, unweighted GPA of at least 3.7/4.0 or the equivalent must be maintained by applicants throughout their high school careers.
  • Candidates have to be citizens of the United States of America in its entirety.
  • The most successful candidates will succeed in extracurricular activities, have a good work ethic, be great leaders, and actively participate in civic-minded and community service projects.

The application requires the submission of three components:

  • Online Request
  • Two necessary recommendation letters
  • Transcript attesting to academic standing

Application Process

  • Up to 3,000 applications may be submitted; submissions are examined on a rolling basis. Through its website and social media accounts, the Foundation will post updates regarding the application limit.
  • In the fall, 75–100 finalists will be interviewed in person by the Selection Committee, usually at the applicant’s high school.
  • In December, the Cameron Impact Scholarship recipients will be revealed.
  • To avoid technological submission challenges on the deadline, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the final deadline.

It is highly recommended that applicants submit their applications well in advance of the last day. Concerns with an applicant’s technical submission that arise on the last day before the deadline are not the Foundation’s responsibility.


Seniors in high school who want to make a lasting difference in their communities can find hope and empowerment via the Cameron Impact Scholarship. Beyond only offering financial aid, the scholarship program offers a life-changing opportunity to individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership, service, and academic accomplishment.

The impact is significant for those who receive the Cameron Impact Scholarship. The scholarship provides a thorough support network that promotes personal development in addition to easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education. The mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and leadership development activities that are made available to recipients provide them with the tools and resources they need to increase their impact in the future.

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