Florida Online Schools

Florida Online Schools

Everything is changing. At Florida Connections Academy, we assist kids in viewing change as a chance to grow and succeed in the future.

Florida Online Schools

Students in grades K–12 can learn in a secure, stimulating atmosphere at our tuition-free online public charter school, where they can customize their learning to fit their individual needs. Your child will not only acquire the information and self-assurance required for exams such as the FSA test, but they will also develop the essential life skills required to tackle the difficulties of the future. You will accompany them on their journey as their learning coach.

List Of Florida Online Schools

  • Dwight Global Online School
  • Crimson Global Academy, USA
  • Queen of All Saints Online Academy
  • Broward Virtual School
  • Palm Beach Virtual School
  • Flvs Full Time School
  • Hillsborough Virtual School
  • St. Johns Virtual Franchise
  • Osceola Virtual School
  • Nassau Virtual Franchise
  • Florida Virtual High School
  • OCVS Virtual Instruction Program
  • OCVS Virtual Franchise
  • Pinellas Virtual Academy
  • Brevard Virtual School
  • Pasco eSchool
  • Florida Virtual Elementary School
  • Leon County Virtual School Franchise
  • Alachua Eschool (Virtual Franchise)
  • Escambia Virtual Academy Franchise
  • Mosaic Digital Academy Upper School
  • Lake Virtual Franchise
  • Broward Virtual Instruction Program
  • Santa Rosa Online
  • Polk County Virtual Education

Benefits of Florida Online Schools

  • Florida students who attend online schools gain from flexible class schedules and pacing, more parental participation, a robust online curriculum, and fewer outside distractions. In addition to engaging class options that aren’t often available in conventional brick-and-mortar school environments, they have access to social possibilities.
  • Learning Coaches should anticipate spending three to six hours with their students; lessons incorporate hands-on learning both on and offline for a holistic experience. Young children learn via discovery, and K12-powered schools stress this for our youngest learners.
  • Students continue to hone their talents in high school to get ready for college and the working world. Every student receives individualized instruction that enables them to follow their path through engaging electives, career preparation, and other opportunities. Less than one to three hours a day are usually spent by learning coaches with high school pupils.


By offering students individualized, flexible, and excellent instruction, online schools in Florida have completely changed the face of education. Numerous advantages are provided by these institutions, such as the opportunity to study at one’s speed and on one’s schedule, individualized instruction, and access to a large selection of courses.

Students can take advantage of a customized educational experience that fits their requirements and circumstances by enrolling in a Florida online school. Students get the chance to choose from a wide variety of courses, get individualized attention from skilled instructors, and gain practical skills like digital literacy, time management, and self-discipline.

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