Free High School Diploma Online

Free High School Diploma Online

Online education is a natural fit for today’s youth. Many high school students have grown up in a technology-driven world. Every day, they connect and share their hobbies through technology. Who better to earn an online high school degree?

Free High School Diploma Online

For students in grades K–12, Connections Academy schools offer online public education without charging tuition. The convenience of a virtual classroom allows students to complete their high school education at their own pace.

Schools at Connections Academy fulfil rigorous state and federal requirements. Cognia, previously AdvancED, has granted Connections Education its accreditation. One of the six regional accrediting organizations has granted accreditation to numerous schools that receive support from Connections Education.
Check out our Accreditations page or look for a school on the website of the regional accreditation body to find out if the Connections Academy-supported school is accredited.

  • Cognia—Search for a school using the “Find Accredited Schools” feature. (NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI are accrediting divisions of AdvancED; which represents more than 30 states)
  • Middle States—search for a school in the “Search our Members” feature.
  • WASC—use the “Search…” feature to search for a school.

Accreditation of K-12 online schools guarantees that the schools offer a high-quality education comparable to that of other educational institutions in the nation and supports the worth of our online learning program. Our high school diploma program satisfies all requirements for accreditation.

Fulfill the Requirements for Your High School Graduation

Connections Academy provides basic online math, science, language arts, and social studies courses for high school students from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, we provide a large selection of electives so that students can pursue their interests in digital technology, journalism, foreign languages, art, and more while still earning their high school diploma. A counsellor will assist you in establishing and fulfilling your goals for high school, college, or a profession after you enrol in an online high school program.
The typical student needs to take six classes per semester to graduate from high school. Each state has a different requirement for the number of credits a student must complete to graduate from high school. If necessary, students could additionally need to complete state exams.


Those who were unable to finish their high school education through traditional means can benefit greatly from free online high school diploma programs. These programs provide accessibility, flexibility, and the opportunity to obtain a recognized credential without having to worry about paying for tuition. It’s crucial to remember that although free online high school diploma programs can offer a route to education, they might also have drawbacks. Students may need to fulfil specific eligibility requirements for some programs, such as age limitations or residency requirements.

Furthermore, free online programs might differ in quality and accreditation, so it’s important to do your homework and pick respectable schools that grant accredited degrees. People can acquire the information, abilities, and credentials required for further education or job progress by signing up for a free online high school diploma program. It’s an opportunity to further personal development, expand career options, and pursue further education without being constrained by budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer credits from previous high school coursework to a free online high school diploma program?

  • Some free online high school diploma programs may accept transfer credits from previous high school coursework or educational experiences. The acceptance of transfer credits will depend on the specific program and the compatibility of the courses completed. It is advisable to contact the program’s admissions office to inquire about their credit transfer policies.

Will a free online high school diploma be recognized by colleges and employers?

  • The recognition of a free online high school diploma by colleges and employers may vary. It is important to note that admission requirements and employment criteria can differ among institutions and employers. While some colleges and employers may accept a free online high school diploma, others may have specific requirements or prefer applicants with diplomas from accredited programs. It is recommended to research the specific requirements of the colleges or employers you are interested in to ensure that they accept free online high school diplomas.

What additional costs should I consider with a free online high school diploma program?

  • While free online high school diploma programs do not charge tuition fees, there may be additional costs to consider. These costs can include textbooks, examination fees, technology requirements, or other materials necessary for the program. It is important to review any associated costs before enrolling in a free online program.

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