Electrical Engineering Schools Online

Electrical Engineering Schools Online

Professionals who research and design electronics, electromagnetics, and electricity are known as electrical engineers. Any engineering degree, including an online bachelor’s in electrical engineering, equips students with the knowledge necessary for entry-level work in the industry. Students pursuing an electrical engineering degree must complete a curriculum that demands a solid foundation in mathematics and science. This coursework includes lectures covering the theories, concepts, and applications of electrical systems, electronics, and electromagnetics.

Electrical Engineering Schools Online

Schools with large online enrollment and strong Salary Scores are highlighted in our list of the best online programs in electrical engineering. Learn more about OnlineU or our approach to gain a deeper grasp of our rankings.

1. University of Arizona

Prospective online students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona (UA). The curriculum, which combines the two fields into a total of 128 credit hours, gives students alternatives for a variety of career paths.

Students at UA work with faculty members on practical projects and research experiences that will help them in their future jobs. Graduates can work in a range of industries, including software, medical imaging, robots, and communication networks, to mention a few.

2. Arizona State University

A prominent public university, Arizona State University (ASU), offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program. Students are introduced to the principles of electrical engineering in this program. According to the school’s website, it places a special emphasis on “the design of semiconductor devices, electronics, electric power systems, and signal processing algorithms.” Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, Introduction to Engineering, and Digital Design Fundamentals are a few examples of such courses. Graduates are equipped for jobs in robotics, energy, computers, and other fields.

Due to ASU’s size, distance learning students can take advantage of a multitude of resources, such as counselling, success coaching, tech assistance, disability support, and military support services. This illustrates how online learners receive all-encompassing assistance, allowing them to succeed academically while meeting unique needs and circumstances.

3. University of North Dakota

Students interested in both conventional and modern parts of the subject can get an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree at the University of North Dakota (UND). This 125-credit electrical engineering degree has a strong emphasis on leadership development throughout and encourages practical experience to build problem-solving abilities. Electric and magnetic fields, embedded systems, and circuit analysis are examples of core courses. The program has a solid track record of placing graduates into jobs; recent graduates have started their careers with top regional and international companies, such as 3M, Boeing, Hitachi, IBM, and others.

According to the school’s website, this is the largest electrical engineering program in North Dakota, so we think there are a lot of ways that students can profit from it. They have more research opportunities, access to a greater variety of courses, and the advantage of knowledgeable teachers. The program’s wide alumni network can help with networking and job placement, and its stellar reputation gives students’ degrees more legitimacy and makes them more recognizable to prospective employers.

4. Mississippi State University

Students at Mississippi State University (MState) can get a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering entirely online. Students in this 128-credit degree gain knowledge of electrical energy use, with applications spanning from cybersecurity to renewable energy. They also study the design, development, and practical application of electrical devices and systems. Four Calculus levels as well as advanced studies in chemistry, physics, statistics, and differential equations are required courses. The curriculum also covers energy conversion, electromagnetic field theory, circuits, digital devices, and electronics. Elective courses cover microelectronics, telecommunications, power systems, and more.

The online electrical engineering curriculum at MState emphasizes computer usage and the importance of design concepts in building problem-solving abilities. Proficiency in programming languages and software tools is also emphasized.

5. American Public University System

A private, for-profit university called American Public University System (APU) offers an online Bachelor of Engineering program in Electrical Engineering. 128 credit hours must be completed to graduate. Classes run from 8 to 16 weeks, with a monthly start date.

Courses including Mechatronics, Advanced Power Electronics, Embedded Systems Design, and Analog Circuit Theory are offered to students enrolled in the online electrical engineering program. In addition to the necessary courses, pupils have to finish a senior seminar project and a senior seminar design to graduate. Due to APU’s open admissions policy, all applicants who submit the necessary paperwork will be considered for admission. This, in our opinion, contributes to making higher education more accessible.

6. Excelsior University

A private, nonprofit university that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology is Excelsior University (previously Excelsior College). The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) has granted accreditation to this 124-credit degree program. Depending on the emphasis they select, distance learners in the online electrical engineering technology program take classes including Digital Electronics, Project Management, Computer Programming, and Microprocessors. To graduate, you must also complete an Integrated Technology Assessment capstone.

Excelsior offers a degree in electrical engineering with specializations in power systems and electronics. We think this can help you become an expert on a specialized subject, which will increase your chances of finding the ideal job after graduation.

7. Florida International University

For individuals who are interested in renewable energy and environmental sustainability, Florida International University (FIU) offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program. Students are exposed to a variety of electrical engineering topics in this 128-credit degree, including nanotechnology, bioengineering, and electromagnetics.

Applied Software Techniques in Engineering, Signals and Systems, Introduction to Fields and Waves, and Power Systems are a few examples of the program’s courses. Graduates may choose to go straight into the manufacturing sector or seek postgraduate courses. While there are numerous alternative employment options, ranging from construction to telecommunications, some people choose to work for the government in capacities such as research, military service, or special defence.

8. ECPI University Online

Students interested in electronic systems can pursue an online Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology at ECPI University Online. The design, installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic systems are covered in the 124 necessary credits.

Two concentrations require 16 credits each: Mechatronics and Electronic Systems Engineering. Classes in robotics, industrial applications, programmable controls, and electric circuits are among the required credits. Electrical engineers, industrial engineering technologists, and product engineering technologists are possible job paths for graduates.

9. National University

National University (NU) offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering program for interested engineering students. This 126-credit program includes both theoretical and practical engineering courses in addition to technical computer hardware and software instruction. After completing the advanced mathematics and physics prerequisites for this degree, students can enrol in courses including Computer Architecture, Digital Logic Design, and Circuit Analysis. Alumni can pursue careers in firmware engineering, systems engineering, and electrical engineering.

Several labs are included in this online degree program in electrical engineering to offer practical learning opportunities. The five laboratories that make up the major requirements are Embedded Systems, Microelectronics, Digital Logic Design, Circuit Analysis, and Linear Systems and Signals.

10. University of Arkansas, Grantham

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology program is remote and offered by the University of Arkansas Grantham (UA Grantham). The design of this online degree includes hardware and software simulations to encourage students to learn by doing. Analog Integrated Circuits, Microprocessor Systems Engineering, and Fundamental Properties of AC Circuits are among the available courses. These programs frequently include labs. Furthermore necessary, a capstone project is necessary. Careers in electrical, telecommunications, and control systems engineering are options for graduates.

There are no prerequisites for calculus for this degree. Rather, you begin with algebra and move on to Calculus I, Calculus II, and Precalculus. Different ability levels of learners are accommodated in this program. The step-by-step progression allows students to build a solid understanding of mathematical concepts, ensuring a smoother transition into more advanced calculus topics without the prerequisite barrier, thereby fostering inclusivity and accessibility for a wider range of learners.


Online electrical engineering schools have transformed the way aspiring professionals can pursue their education and enter the field of electrical engineering. These programs offer flexibility, convenience, and a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this rapidly evolving field.

By choosing an accredited online electrical engineering school, you can access expert faculty, cutting-edge coursework, and virtual labs that simulate real-world engineering challenges. Online programs often provide interactive platforms, virtual collaboration tools, and access to industry-standard software and equipment, allowing students to engage in hands-on learning experiences from the comfort of their own homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete hands-on laboratory work in an online electrical engineering program?

  • While the theoretical coursework in electrical engineering programs can be completed online, hands-on laboratory work is an essential component of the discipline. Online programs often provide virtual lab simulations and remote access to equipment, allowing students to gain practical experience and apply theoretical concepts in a controlled environment. Some programs may also require students to complete hands-on laboratory work at a designated location.

How long does it take to complete an online electrical engineering program?

  • The duration of an online electrical engineering program depends on various factors, including the program’s structure, the number of credits required, and whether you enrol as a full-time or part-time student. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering can be completed in four to five years, while a master’s degree may take an additional one to two years.

Can I pursue a specialization in electrical engineering through an online program?

  • Yes, many online electrical engineering programs offer specializations or concentrations that allow students to focus their studies on specific areas of interest. Common specializations include power systems, electronics, telecommunications, control systems, and computer engineering. Research the available specializations within the programs you are considering to find one that aligns with your career goals.

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