From The Managing Director

On Assumption of leadership of this broadcast institution, I was under great challenge and commitment from the Executive Governor, Bauchi State, His Excellency, Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, Kauran Bauchi, to make BRC one of the best Radio stations in the country. This of course, is in terms of quality service delivery and in projecting the good image of the state.

Indeed, from October, 2022, when I accepted that challenge and a promise to deliver, We have been able to promote the state government in its stride to transform Bauchi State through the Broadcast Media of 12 channels, BRC 2 FM, BRC FM Azare and the 10 Grassroots FM stations.

We were able to adopt the spirit of accommodation, collective leadership, quest for excellence and industry to serve as agent of change for the betterment and functionality of the system.

Furthermore, we strove to inspire and guided the management in the pursuit of greater productivity, enhancement of professionalism and embracing effective team work, ensured by proper co-ordination of tasks in the execution of my duties as Chief Executive to ensure success.

We were further able to mobilize the entire staff behind my vision and goal of re-engineeering the Corporation from a decayed institution to the fourth largest broadcast Media in the country with Thirteen 13 Radio Channels having listenership in eighteen (18) states of the federation, some parts of Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

The strategic partnership we built with my staff, enabled the promotion of institutional capacity through the reconnection of loyal listeners to our channels as must, listen to, mediums unlike what prevailed in the past.

In consideration of the strategic importance of the media in the society, we tried to accomplish those ideals capable of unifying the society.

Our principal focus was to achieve attitudinal change in the staff to continually serve our stakeholders as kings on the premises of productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and development of competence in them to discharge their responsibilities with patriotism and sincere love love of the tasks they are assigned.

We have thus far, being able to mobilize the citizenry to think and act along the path charted by the government and, but in specific terms and summary, we have been able to record the following as part of the fulfilment of our committement to the service:

Online Transmission

Designed BRC Radio Website and Mobile App

Live Streaming on TuneIn, Radio Garden, Radio Gallery, MyTuner, OnlineRadioBox, Simple Radio, LiveOnlineRadio and many other Online Radio Directories.

Enrichment of Programmes content

Sustained of 10 FM [Grassroots] Radio Stations

SMS service for efficient listeners participation

Media partnership [DW Radio, BBC Media Action, VOA, Local media organizations]

HFCC registration/ country representation

Expanding Commercial outreach

Robust staff training and efficient personnel management

Turn around maintenance of technical facilities

With these and more, we have been able to totally repacked and repositioned the Bauchi Radio Corporation to a believable brand through leadership by example.

We have also succeeded in reorienting the workforce, reforming their work ethics, addressing the challenges of institutional limitations, fixed the infrastructure and restore the listeners’ confidence in the BRC as the voice of the society.

We will continue to be propelled by the ambition to excel in leading Bauchi Radio Corporation to be the best in the country.

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