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Students of Ummul Qurah Science Academy Azare applauds WASH

Students of Ummul Qurah Science Academy Azare have applauded WASH program for inculcating the culture of sanitation and hygiene in schools.

The President of Environmental and Sanitation Club Girls’ section of the Academy Hadiza Tijjani Iliyasu made the commendation during an interview with journalists in the school.

Hadiza Tijjani, said the exco of the club were sensitized on the impact of sanitation and hygiene in school and at home, saying that they step down the sensitization to their colleagues on how to take care of their environment for healthy living.

The Girls’ President of Environmental and Sanitation Club of Ummul Qurah Science Academy, affirmed that hand washing with soap and clean water is the best protection from contagious diseases especially after using toilets.

Hadiza Tijjani said, apart from the enlightenment program, the club usually assigns students for to engage in the washing of toilet regularly.

The president, said the girl’s section of the school has 12 classes with one toilet per class and 3 students are usually assign for washing of each toilet.

She said, the sanitation club has contributed in the fight against open defecation in the school, adding that the school has also provided free Pads’ Bank for female students for their use during menstruation period in the school.

She mentioned some of challenges they encountered to include inadequate members due to the nature of the work in the environmental and Sanitation Club, especially when it comes to the issue of washing the toilets.

On his part, the president of Boys section of Environmental and Sanitation Club of Ummul Qurah Science Academy, Khalid Isah Nakanjuwa, said the school conducts daily sanitation to ensure environmental and personal hygiene of the students.

Khalid Nakanjuwa, said the school has inlet and outlet functional Water system for students to regularly wash their hands.

He added that the Boys section of the club has 120 members out of 600 students and called for more students to join the club for better future.

The Sanitation president, said the work of the club is being extended outside schools’environment as their members injecting the habit and knowledge of sanitation and personal hygiene when at homes.

Khalid Nakanjuwa, called on other schools to emulate Ummul Qurah interms of environmental sanitation and personal hygiene save lives of children from simple killer diseases.

While commenting on the effort of the school generally in sanitation and climate change, the proprietor and Director of Ummul Qurah Science Academy Azare, Jibril Shirama, said the authority is ensuring the sanitation is properly taken place to fight against communicable diseases among children.

He disclosed that the effort and aims of the school is to produce good citizens in the future, in addition to promoting sanitation and culture of tree planting.

He said, early the year 2023, the school has procured over 1000 seedlings and distributed to its students to plant it in different parts of Azare.

Jibril Shirama, urged other schools and communities in the area to emulate the Ummul Qurah Science Academy in environmental and Sanitation aspect to sanitize the society.

The proprietor said the formation of the sanitation club was as a result of sensitization by Katagum WASH UNIT saying that the school has achieved a lot in the area of fight against climate change, students personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.


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