Executive Secretary of Nomadic, calls for urgent implementation of education summit recommendations

The State Executive Secretary of the Nomadic Education Agency Alhaji Musa Ibrahim Hardo says that the agency’s pivotal role in shaping the lives of the

Fulani pastoral nomads is in line with the guidelines on the implementation of law establishing the agency at the State level.

Musa Ibrahim Hardo stated this while giving an overview of the Nomadic Education in the state at the ongoing state education summit in Bauchi.

He noted that the objectives of the agency would be achieved when the challenges mentioned during the summit are addressed.

According to him, the Nomadic Education Programme was established with the mandate of providing qualitative and functional basic education to the disadvantaged Nomadic groups in the country to include pastoralists, migrant fishermen and migrant farmers.

While commending state government for the sustenance of the agency among few in the country, Musa HArdo disclosed that the agency has 526 nomadic schools, with 111,537 pupils and 1,578 teachers across the state.

He however said that the Agency has some challenges to include shortage of classrooms due to increase in enrolment and number of nomadic schools, qualified teachers, inadequate budgetary allocation, Lack of synergy among MDAs and support from donor partners and Non-governmental organizations.

He enumerated some of the agency objectives to teach the nomadic pastoralist children and adults how to read and write in English language and in any other language, to live a decent life style in accordance with the Fulani culture and tradition and how to respect other people’s culture, train them in different occupational areas such cultivation of land, animal husbandry, processing of milk, butter, leather works among others

Alhaji Musa Ibrahim Hardo added that the agency has succeeded in the areas of mobilisation and sensitisation of nomads on the importance of education and the need to enroll their children in schools especially the girl child, Increase in enrolment of nomadic children with schools, effective monitoring and evaluation of nomadic schools resulting in improved teaching and learning outcome among others


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